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A Sign…

While I was in Boston, I took about 30 pictures (at least) of the Old State House. It’s location is close to Quincy Market, and not far from the cemetaries that I photographed or Boston Common. Basically, we passed it 2-3 times a day for 4 days.

A sign that you’ve seen a bit too much of a building? I was watching an episode of “Crossing Jordan” last night. The show is set in Boston, and since my return from there I watch the episodes closely to look for landmarks that I saw on my trip. Last night it went a bit too far though. They flashed the image up of the eagle statue on the back of the building which has a plaque with a crest above it … and I recognized it immediately as the Old State House. You know a few too many details about a building if you can recognize it based on a statue and a crest. A statue that I could never manage to get a picture of because it was backlit every time I tried – so I just ended up with a silhouette of the building. That’s ok though – I can always catch it on TV.

By Christine

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I know exactly what you mean. I do that particularly in movies that were filmed places I’ve lived (like Memphis, Louisville or SouthBend.) Something about having walked around the same paths the characters are walking makes the show more memorable to me.

Nifty. I used to get off the T there every morning, and get on there every night.

Why is there no subway in Houston? *whine*

If there was a subway in Houston it would flood every time it rained! Actually – that’s why. The water table is too high to build it underground. Well, maybe if we had the Big Dig we could do it. 😉

*sniff* I miss Boston.

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