Afghan Women Under the Taliban

Like everyone else, I keep hearing talk of how we should bomb the heck out of Afghanistan. Wouldn’t that just reduce us to the same level as the terrorist that attacked us last week? Killing innocent people … and at that, people who have no say about their government? It just makes me sick. The do not live in a free land, where they can go as they choose if they don’t like the government. Most of them don’t even have enough food to survive. Then there is the insane rule of the Taliban. Analyzing Life has an article posted about the state of women under Taliban rule. Read it. Educate yourself before you start screaming for war.

By Christine

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3 replies on “Afghan Women Under the Taliban”

I’ve been saying from the start that the Afghani women would probably make pretty good inside allies. I say we secretly pass them all a pair of scissors for “Operation Bobbit” and at a spcific time… 1..2..3… *SNIP!* The Taliban would probably be a little more receptive to women’s issues if they were lacking their testes.

Oh Hilary… what an image. Yep, they could probably disable the Taliban pretty quick that way. Of course it would have to be timed perfectly… Hmmmm. Problem is they are not even allowed to socialize with people that are not relatives. How is THAT for oppression??? Ugh.

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