Hm. Well, at least they figured it out finally…

I was sent an article about a company in Florida that made their employees take the flags they had on display off of their desk. I went to the website that had run the article originally and was happy to find out that since then “Fla. Company Relents, Passes Flags Out”. …a public relations recording says that after learning of Gov. Jeb Bush’s request to lift the ban on flag display, “Any interested parties can display a flag on their desk. Flags will be provided for any employee who wishes.” Here is the original article that I received (late this afternoon I must note, long after they offered to pass out flags … the down side of passing things on through e-mail) Florida Company Bans Old Glory From Offices

Another flag article: Anti-Flag Zealots Back Off

Happy Birthday, U.S. Constitution. Who would have thought that 217 years later we would hear talk of being stripped of our civil liberties through things like systems to read our e-mails or tap our phones “to protect ourselves” from terrorism. The exact thing, I think, that our founding fathers would have been opposed to. Isn’t that part of what that whole fight for freedom, the American Revolution, was all about? Hmm. Not quite sure what to think about that. I don’t think I like it. What civil liberties are you willing to surrender for the price of peace?

By Christine

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