All Clear…

We are still in Austin, and we have no plans to return to Houston for a few days. I refuse to get stuck in the gridlock that we got stuck in coming to Austin. There isn’t any traffic in Houston yet, but there is the beginning of traffic jams in Austin already – oh, and there isn’t any gas at the gas stations along the way. Mayor Bill White is on the news asking us not to come back to Houston yet, so they can keep the roads clear and get emergency vehicles through to help the places in need. So we are staying put until we get the all clear. The Hacker House for Houston Homeless is a very good place to be.

The Chronicle is starting to scare me with all of their blogs – they already have a Road Home Blog.

My parents lost power around 3:30 am and as of 11:00 am it still wasn’t back on. I talked to my neighbors and we have a tree limb down on our garage, so there might be some damage to that roof, but we never lost power so everything in the fridge should be ok.

Governor Rick Perry announced that they are going to figure out a way to get people back in an orderly fashion – I voiced my plan outloud, “If your last name begins with P-Z, you can return on Monday.” Maybe they will use the last digit of the drivers license – all the even numbers can come back on Sunday, all the odd numbers on Monday. Mine ends with a 0 though, so I guess I just have to stay in Austin!

My plan for today? Hill Country Weavers. Any other yarn shops in Austin that you want to suggest that I should visit? Maybe we’ll take Jason into downtown to see the capitol and stuff like that.

By Christine

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