All I Want for Christmas…

I finally felt “well” enough over the weekend to focus on getting some Christmas decorating done at last, along with making it a Lord of the Rings trilogy marathon weekend. Friday night we watched the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring, Saturday afternoon we watched the extended version of The Two Towers, and yesterday we went to see Return of the King. It was quite simply wonderful. I need to see it a second time to fully process it and write up my thoughts on it – it was amazing!

While we were waiting in the HUGE line for the movie (and we got there almost an hour early!), we were talking with Jason about what he wants for Christmas. For the past two weeks, I’ve tried to get a Christmas wishlist out of him, and he’s put me off because he was busy studying for Midterms. What? Studying for midterms was more important then a Christmas list?!? I think it was a ploy to get us to think he was being extra good this year so we would get him even more gifts, because he sure does have an extravagent wishlist!

– A laptop computer
– A remote control land sea crusier
– Another remote control car
– A cell phone (Uhm, he never calls anyone?)
– Enter the Matrix for PS2

And that’s it. We started suggesting other things, and he said that he would like the LOTR Risk game (and I think I’m going to get LOTR Trivial Pursuit too.) I got him a nice wooden 7-in-1 game set with a nice wooden chess board. Obviously, I’m not getting him a laptop or a cell phone. (I’ve created a gadget junkie!) I suggested Legos and K-Nex, but he doesn’t seem to be too interested in either one anymore – I guess that is what happens when you’re almost 12.

Now I need to think of a few more things in the $10 – $20 price range. I was thinking of getting him a model car set or two – he has done one before and enjoyed it. I just don’t know what the “good” brands are. Anyone have model car tips? Or other gift ideas for an 11 year old boy?

Meanwhile, after seeing Return of the King yesterday, I want a Kung Fu Gandalf Action Figure! What’s on your wishlist?

By Christine

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i would just be happy with a few more free hours in each day — you think Santa could bring me that? 🙂

i did the marathon this weekend myself. FOTR on tuesday, TT on friday and Return Of The King on saturday. you’re right — it was amazing. now i can’t wait for the extended version DVD!

did you see ROtK at the Imax on Sunday? i did (for second time) and Kimberly (kdeweb) and i were there for the 2:10 showing. the only other IMAX showing was at 9:00 and there was no way i was going to come home past midnight. the first time i saw it at 2:10 on Friday when i was on my day off.

i have the Trivial Pursuit game, too. you need to have watched all the extras and even some of the commentary to answer some of the questions.

and don’t know if you got any of my e-mails, but i went ahead and got myself a new cell phone… it’s the Samsung VGA1000, camera and everything. don’t know if that was the one you were getting rid of.

glad you’re feeling better!

my wish list is for the extended versions of the movies. a life-size Aragorn wouldn’t be too bad though. 🙂

i am in LOVE with this movie. it has now supplanted Gone With the Wind as my all time favorite film.

Hehe I got myself a new cell phone for Xmas, but I asked my parents for an Ipod (which I know they won’t buy me).

I hope Jason doesn’t read your blog, or else he’ll know what he is (and isn’t) getting this Xmas! 🙂

Oh, I fogot to say before that I am glad that you know what is wrong and can get well. Make those doctors take you seriously. They aren’t God, they just think they are. Noone knows you better than you! 🙂

They make a Kung-Fu Gandalf?! Almost every 11 year old boy I know would love a subscription to Maxim Magazine! Heck, I’m way past 11 and it’s on my list every year. Besides, you don’t want him learning “this stuff” from the internet, now do you?! 🙂

Glad you’re feeling better. Please, please, please post any LOTR summaries with a *spoiler* warning like you do for Amazing Race. OK?

Have no fear, Kevin – I *always* give spoiler warnings! I hate it when I’m holding out for something and stumble across info I don’t want about a show or movie! I intentionally avoided all articles about LOTR before I went for that very reason!

Jake and I are rooting for a Cat! hehe… It can be so tough to shop for 12 year olds. Actually, my brother Chaz is 12… we got him Final Fantasy 10-2, Clothes and shoes. Boring, huh? Mom is getting him some DVDs and two bean bag chairs.

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