Another Round…

I saw the ENT specialist, and it turns out that I have Tonsillitis – so my comment last week to the first doctor that “if I didn’t know my tonsils had been removed, I would think that I had tonsillitis” wasn’t that far off after all. There is a portion of my tonsil that is still there on the right side of my throat, and that is what is inflamed. He said that more than likely, it was never removed when I was a kid. (They can grow back, but he didn’t think that was the case.) So now it’s infected, and I get to go through yet another round of antibiotics! Turns out that Tonsillitis just doesn’t give a damn about the Z-Pack or erythromycin – it doesn’t respond to them. So I got a shot and I get to take Avelox. If it doesn’t respond to that, there is a very minor chance that it could be Epstein Barr virus, but he said that that is unlikely. (Considering I’ve had swollen glands for some time, and I’m always fatigued, I have this fear that that is what it will be – but I am trying not to be paranoid and will try not to focus on that. Not yet.) I have a follow-up appointment in 10 days just in case, but hopefully – hopefully! – this will finally go away and I will be done with it!

Most importantly, I appreciated that he took the time to see me, to listen to my concerns, and to address them. I didn’t feel brushed off, and I felt like I left there with a solution, not just a vague “I don’t know what it is, but here’s some medicine” – which is how I felt on Monday. Two thumbs up for Dr. Andrews!

By Christine

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well, i’m glad it’s been diagnosed to be tonsilitis. i usually take amoxicillin… but judging by what you’re taking, i think you’re already taking the harder stuff. i hope you get better and don’t have to get the last part of your tonsils taken out and hope it’s not anything worser (yes, that is a word!) than tonsilitis.

How good it must feel to have a real doctor! With mine I just walk in, self-diagnose, and he writes a prescription. I swear I could tell the guy that my foot needed to be amputated and be on the OR table in a matter of hours. Clueless!

Feel better!

I get tonsilitis at least 4-5 times a year. Doctor won’t remove my tonsils because I’m too old. Years ago the Z-Pack worked like a charm — cured it during the first dose. Soon after though it quit working for me. Now, Omnicef is the only antibiotic that does it for me.

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