The Amazing Race Too Much TV

Amazing Race ROCKS!

Perma-links are acting weird all over the web world, so I will have to quote A Million Things That Bug Me:

Putting Survivor back to back with the Amazing Race really made me realize how much better a show Amazing Race is. The artificial Lord of the Flies atmosphere of Survivor seems even more so when compared to Amazing Race. Someone is always getting the one cabbie in the country who refuses to exceed the speed limit, or the bus with the flat tire. Those are real challenges, not the Fear Factor type “eat the smelly, nasty fish” crap that survivor loves to pull. However I am waiting for someone to get shot in an airport for running around screaming like a lunatic, but that would be a different type of show entirely.

I completely agree! I love watching The Amazing Race! Of all of the reality type shows, it is the only one I have even been able to really get into, and it is *so* good! [via Daypop]

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I guess we’ll have to wait till next week to watch it together 🙁 I’ll be in Fort Worth on Wednesday for a family event and can’t watch TV during that time *sob sob*.

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