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Amazing what you will find

Amazing what you will find with a little browsing… astro(b)logy: the fault lies not in the stars … which I found at Zippylog which I found at Graphically-Virtual. I find it rather interesting to study the links I follow that lead me to certain places.

It’s a quiet day at work today without Kymberlie here. I miss having her on the other side of the cubicle wall. Speaking of people at work – shameless plug here for Laura whose new site is looking beautiful. She has a webcam sitting at her desk and she was making faces for me earlier through it (the joy of IM, she told me when to go look). I want a webcam. Or two. One for work, one for home. Don’t you guys want to look at me all day long? I am soooo jealous – Laura got to go see Barry Manilow on Saturday at the Rodeo. Yes, I really did want to see him, although the Astrodome is not the venue I would choose. A nice concert hall would be much better. “At the Copa … Copacabana …”

Kymberlie… we miss you, mopyfish.

A little tale I forgot to share a while back… about a week or so ago I got an e-mail from a guy in Alabama named Dan. He did a search for Bad Windsheim, Germany – a town 3km from where I lived, Illesheim. He said he couldn’t figure out why my site came up, but it was funny and he liked what I had to say. So we exchanged e-mails back and forth, and come to find out he is going over there because he is “the Quality Test Coordinator on the Armys Apache or AH64 helicopter. You may remember it from Desert Storm. Thats why I’m going to Germany to head up the transfer of ten Apaches back to the states.” May remember them from Desert Storm??!? I lived with them! That is what the ex-husband worked on, day in & day out. They flew over my house twice a day. Well, Dan of course didn’t know that – but I thought it was amusing. He went to Germany over the weekend – hope he is having a good time! Hey Dan – if you read this – don’t forget to have that shot of tequila for me at the Green Goose!

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