And Today the Sky is Blue…

I really should just start a weather category for this blog, because Houston’s weather is too exciting not to write about it. Yesterday we had a freak storm with 13 tornados. For those of you that like to chase tornadoes – you would have been screwed. No tornado chasing here because the entire city seemed to be flooded. It took many people 2-3 hours to get home.

Mike had jury duty yesterday, and said that Houston was actually on CNN because of the floods. When he went to leave the courthouse he discovered that it was raining so hard outside that there was no point – he went back in to wait it out. While I talked to him on the phone, I noticed that I could no longer see the building directly across the street. Normally, even in the worst weather, I can see that building because there is just a street between us. Yesterday, it was invisible. I could only see rain, which was going sideways.

Mike eventually made it over to his office, although he was a bit wet by the time he got there. I had taken the bus in to work, but I learned my lesson years ago when it comes to riding Metro in the Houston floods – don’t. This morning I heard tales of people waiting forever for the bus to come at 5:00 yesterday – and they just couldn’t even get in to downtown. So we decided the smartest thing to do would be to go out to eat in downtown and wait for the water to go down. It can receed just as fast as it rises sometimes, so we waited.

When we finally left downtown, we had to detour from our normal route just to leave. Travis St. is too close to Buffalo Bayou and it was flooded. Once on the highway, there wasn’t any traffic – which seemed strange. After a few minutes we rounded a bend – and there they were. A solid river of cars and red lights, not moving at all.

We took the first exit that we came to so that we could take the back roads. This went pretty well to a point. We had to drive in a single car line in the middle of the road to avoid the deep water on the edge. It was as if there were car corpses everywhere you looked on the sides of the road. People had earlier just pulled over and stopped anywhere they could. Cars were flooded out, water draining out of them. People were stranded at gas stations which were still flooded.

We made it eventually. Once we reached higher ground, it was a dry trip. It took us over an hour to make what is normally a 30 minute drive – but I’m still glad it didn’t take 2-3 hours like it did for a lot of people. My co-worker lost their truck to the flood waters. (Her husband drove in it even though he was just 2 blocks from home. She parked her car and walked in waist-deep fire ant infested water.) Natalie lost her van to the water. Elaine had to drive for 2 hours and 45 minutes to make it home.

See, when we say that it’s raining here in Houston, we mean RAINING.

But today? Today the sky is the most gorgeous shade of blue, and while Buffalo Bayou, which I can see from my office, is still high, the traffic is light and moving freely. A very different scene from almost 24 hours ago.

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I left a bit early b/c I heard 1960 was flooded…but it wasn’t. I made it home very easily, though the side streets were pretty well covered.

My apartments are covered in debris today, though. It looks like we were at the bottom of a lake that was drained!

i was in the dang epicenter of all the action out here off of 59, a tornado touched down about 2 blocks away, the bayou was nearly out of its banks, and traffic on all roads leading out of my office park, was at a complete stand-still for hours.

we just stood in the parking lot, umbrellas in hands and watched the commotion – trying to decide what to do. we walked thru the rain to look at different intersections, all of them impassable.

by the time i finally got close to home (and remember i’m only 7 minutes from home) – i couldn’t get into my neighborhood because of the main streets flooding.

it was hellish, at best. but your account summed it up, perfectly….when we say it RAINS in houston, it REALLY POURS. 😉

Isn’t it amazing the difference one day can make in the midwest? Holy schmoly, I remember rain in Oklahoma and Mississippi. No kidding coming down in buckets rain. Oregon gets lots of rain but not all at once! LOL

Glad everyone made it home ok last night. How awful to lose a vehicle to a storm. 🙁

I was wondering about you! Saw on the weather channel some intersections that were so flooded that the tops of the street lights were just a few feet from the water! Crazy stuff. Our weather was wonky here in Iowa yesterday as well… tornado warnings & thunderstorms, quite the change from quiet new england… can’t wait to see what the summer’s weather will bring! Glad to know you’re OK. 🙂

when it rains, it definitely pours here in Houston… i remember one time, it didn’t rain… but it was warm the entire day… then it dropped 40 degrees and we got hail… HAIL! that was seriously freaky.

LOL – the alarms went off in the neighborhood yesterday… daughter called me all in panic not sure what to do, I had her turn on the news to find out what was going on and she cried out “we are flooding mom!… oh wait, that’s Houston”. They were testing the Tornado alarm in our area.

Unfortunately, no. My bag was overflowing with stuff on Monday morning, so I took my camera out and didn’t bring it with me. Of all days to not have it! I really wanted it too – the flood water is always quite a sight!

It took me three hours to get home 🙁 I had to wait over an hour for my bus. Then we had to go alllll they way to the other side of downtown to get out. Then we sat in traffic for a while. A fright almost broke out on my bus. LOL Two men were fighting about the best way to get home. What is it with men? 😉

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