Anger and Fear…

Mike talked today about his reactions after the events of 9/11 and how the main emotion he felt was anger. It got me thinking…

I probably would have felt anger like he did – but I’m a former (ex) Army wife. Retaliation to me means sending off my cousin and ex-husband to war. I was terrified that that would happen, and heartbroken when it did.

The “War on Terrorism” brought back very real, hard to deal with memories for me – I got married in 1990, a week before Iraq invaded Kuwait and my (now ex) husband was put on alert. He was not deployed until later in the war for “Operation Provide Comfort”, but it put a strain on our marriage that was never repaired. He also did 3 tours in Bosnia. War is real to me. Seeing the wives sending the husbands off broke my heart.

Remember when the helicopter was shot down earlier this year and American soldiers were killed? My cousin was there, and his best friend died. So, as much as I hate the terrorist for what they did on 9/11, I also hate that innocent soldiers have their lives put on the line daily now as a result.

By Christine

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One reply on “Anger and Fear…”

Actually, that’s one of the few times I felt anger towards the terrorists. Disgust is usually my most prevalent feeling towards the “people” that do these kinds of attacks. But having close family and friends in the services and knowing that to protect me from more terrorist attacks they would have to go away and fight… well, I don’t blame that on our government I blame that on the terrorists and yes I hate them for it.

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