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Moving Things I Saw Today…

Various links of things I read today that touched me in some way.

:: CBC News – 1 Year Later. [via Mike]
:: Cantor Families Memorial. Memorial pages for all of the employees lost, and memories left behind by families and friends.
:: A Small Victory – No Ordinary Day. Michele gave us a place to share our stories and memories, and I truly appreciate it.
:: Dichotomy – A Matter of Time and Place. A collection of more stories about 9/11.
:: Anniversary – When I read Chris’s post about her day in New York, 8 blocks from the World Trade Center, I cried. I couldn’t help it. Sometimes tears are a good thing.
:: Rannie’s post also had a similar effect on me. I can’t help but stare at that photo of the WTC. It’s like a mirage… He also has links to many more sites then I have here.
:: Holy Fucking Shit Day – That is what I prefer to call 9/11. Forget about “Patriot Day”, Holy Fucking Shit Day is just more appropriate. I know those are the words I said as I watched the news that morning.

I went to bed last night feeling very sentimental and sad in a way. I woke up this morning and the sky was the same crisp blue I remember from last year on this day. I realized it was just that … a new day. I am alive, and I want to enjoy that. I wanted to tell everyone I know that I love them. Really, I do. Even you. Yes, you there, sitting in your chair reading this. You have more than likely touched my life in some way at some point in time, even if it was something as simple as a comment to say hello. I’m glad that our paths have crossed. It may sound trite or contrived, and I really don’t mean that. I am very sincere in saying that I have met wonderful people and made great friends in this past year – and today I celebrated that. Thank you.

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