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Another Way Your Pings Are Used…

I ping, and from what I’ve discovered tonight, my ping is wide open to the world to use for whatever they want. Curious about other ways your pings are used? Here is the perfect example. The World as a Blog – “Real time & updating display of weblog postings, around the world. How? + geocoding + RSS”

Yes, your pings to plus your geocoding powers the site. You didn’t ask to be listed, but you pinged a feed that is scraped and parsed. [via Geekgrrl]

Personally, I don’t care. But Mike wrote a lot of good reasons why you might. Just more to think about tonight. Meanwhile, that site is freakin’ cool!

By Christine

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I have been wondering how ping work on a weblog. Exackly what it does. What it is used for. I was also wondering about a web blog could you turn it into like a website of are you just suppose to use it for like journal references. You have my e-mail address and if you like to send me some feedback I would highly appricate it. Thank you.

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