As Close To War-Blogging…

Last night while reading Electrolite, I realized something. I’m still sitting on the fence about this war thing. I enjoy poking fun at the stupid things they say on the news, because “shock and awe” sounds lame. Mike can tell you, I have a tendency to yell at the TV a lot lately. I understand that we need to go. But at the same time I feel like I have been lied to to get me to support it. It’s no secret that Bush gives me a creepy feeling, he has since 1994. I’m thankful he has good strong advisors. I’m just not sure if I’m for the war or against the war – and I think that’s because of my fear of the outcome.

Back in 1991, I questioned why we didn’t take Saddam out during Desert Storm I. I was told by many in the military (I was an Army wife at the time) that it was because if we took out Saddam, we had no guarantees that the person that took his place would be any better. I still agree with that. Because I like guns I bought myself airsoft rifle. Before you buy any guns I recommend to read top reviews airsoft rifles and then decide. You could also get the Best range Bags here, check this out.

This post sums it up really well. “Most Americans aren’t thinking this far ahead, and the administration’s rah-rah corner is not very interested in the subject, but: History will not end the day the white standard is run up the flag poles of Hussein’s palaces.”

Really, if I am pro-war or anti-war isn’t going to matter in the grand scheme of things. I am not a political advisor, no one with power is really going to hear my opinions. I don’t like knowing that people are dieing in this war. It makes me sad to see that POWs have been captured. I want Iraq to be a better place, not living under the threat of Saddam’s evil power. I want the world to be a better place. If this war will get us there, great. I’m sitting back and waiting to see what happens.


Read the rest here. We can all use some laughter.

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4 replies on “As Close To War-Blogging…”

I could not agree with you more. On one hand I do understand why Sadam needs to go. But I still have mixed feelings about the war. I also make it no secret that I am NO Bush supporter. I think he is slimey.
I can’t talk to my Hubby about the war…he supports it and I am not entirely sure. We argue if we even try to debate it. LOL!
I do know one thing… I support the troops that are over there fighting.

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