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Because it used to be a Good Thing?

A Montana man named Jack Ass …

WAIT. I have to point out that the man is named “Jack Ass”. He voluntarily changed his name to “Jack Ass”. On his own. Because being “Jack Ass” is a good thing? I just don’t get it.

Returning to the point of this post:
… has sued MTV for plagiarizing and defaming his good name in connection with the show “Jackass”. Because you know, he was the first person to ever use the words Jack Ass. And it had such a good reputation when he changed his name to Jack Ass back in 1997. Uh huh, right.

You know, if you change your name to Jack Ass, you deserve all the crap you get for it.

By Christine

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That space seperating jack and ass may well save MTV’s flagship show from falling into the same trap as some of their earlier popular shows like “George Bush Senior Presents” and “Pamela Slutbag’ho Anderson Wannabe”

the lawsuit certainly is stupid, but I felt differently when I read this (from E!online): He became an active opponent of drunk driving when his brother died in an accident in 1997. That year, he changed his name, created a character name Andi Ass and launched a Website ( and a line of T-shirts, hats and souvenir beer bottles promoting safe drinking and bearing the slogan, “Be a smart ass, not a dumb ass.”

In the suit, Ass shared Andi Ass’ message in poetry form:

“Looking from what comes from Andi and Jack’s voices,
You will see we promote positive and accountable choices,
It is not the beer that ever causes you harm,
It’s yourself connected to the drink on the end of your arm.”
Ass also keeps busy with another philanthropic effort called Hearts Across America, which hawks heart-shaped markers. All of these things, he claims, have been tainted by the Jackass TV show and movie. And the $10 million, apparently, will help salvage his name and cause. “I really want to emphasize the importance of this work,” he told Reuters.

It’s still a pretty lame way to draw publicity to your (admittedly) good cause.

If he want his name to be JackAss then Its be. Yes he knows that he get all the crap from it. and my name is Shorty and I want to see the big pink cookie.

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