Being a Mom is Painful, Part I…

Jason returned from his almost 3 week road trip with my parents yesterday and made it home in time for dinner last night. Do all 11 year old boys have problems telling you what they did and what they saw on their trip? I thought I was going to have to open his mouth and pry out the details of what he had seen! He was happy to show me the rocks he got when he visited the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, and he offered up details on the Playstations he visited across the land.

As I was going to bed, I thought I heard him call for me from his bedroom. When I went in to his room, he was sitting up part way, but he didn’t really look awake. I went in and asked what was wrong, and he mumbled an answer (sort of) but wouldn’t lay down. I tried rubbing his arm and his shoulder as I guided him towards his pillow again. He looked serene and like he was going to go back to sleep, and so I leaned down to give him a kiss on the cheek.

And that’s when it happened.

BAM! He sat bolt upright, right in to my nose! I somehow got him to lay back down, and then I just stood there. I’ve had the wind knocked out of me, but never on my face! Ouch! I was stunned. I couldn’t breath at first, and for a moment I thought I was going to faint. Then I composed myself and quietly left his room and went back to bed. I swear, for awhile I couldn’t feel my nose. It was all tingly and weird. Ouch. I’m still surprised that I didn’t have black and blue eyes this morning, but today it just hurt a little. But it still hurts some.

Time to diagnose myself with some good, old-fashioned WebMD. With a slogan like “Trustworthy, Credible, and Timely Health Information,” how can you not believe everything they say? Have you ever noticed that once you get done at WebMD, you’ve convinced yourself that you have every disease you come across? Or is that just me?

How would I know if I have a broken nose? Do they splint a broken nose? Will I have to wear two popsicle sticks and some white hospital tape on my nose while it mends? Really, if you think about it – how hysterical would that look?!

By Christine

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I don’t know if you can do anything for it if it’s broken… I think it’s like a broken toe, you just have to let it heal. But as long as it’s feeling better I wouldn’t worry about it.

Hard to say if it’s broken or not… my nose is the only thing that I have broken in my body, and the indicators were pain, a tiny bit of crookedness, and bruises (no black eyes, though). (Passed out and fell into a wall at Thanksgiving dinner – lesson learned: DO NOT stand up if you feel faint!)

The Dr. told me that there’s really not much you can do for it, unless it’s REALLY messed up. He said that for guys, if it was really crooked, he’d tell them to grab on to something and he’d give it a good yank to put it back in place.

For girls, if it was severe, he recommended cosmetic surgery. 😉 In my case, it wasn’t crooked enough to the point where anyone but yours truly really noticed it. It hurt for several weeks, esp. since it happened in November and it was really cold out, but it turned out OK.

I don’t know about broken noses, but when I was little a glass smashed on my nose and split it open. I had to have this horribly itchy big white plaster across my face for weeks!

I don’t know if this will help you feel better about it, but it’s not just 11 year old boys who have problems sharing information. 🙂 It might be something attributable to men in general or maybe to only children or something, but I was like that as a kid, and to some extent, I still am. I don’t know why I am like that, really – it’s just easier to keep my thoughts and memories inside sometimes; heh, it’s almost funny – I love sharing things on my website, just writing about whatever, but ask me to do the same for my mom, and it won’t happen. (Even though she’s more than welcome to read my website.) Maybe it’s time Jason got his own blog. 😉

My son headbutted me on accident in the nose last year. Talk about ouch, and I was pretty sure it was broken. Whenever I would touch it near top around my eyes I would get a sharp pain. It eventually went away, but like others said, its just like breaking a toe, not too much they can do for you unless it really is something major.

and being a dad isn’t easy either. My 11 year old jumped on my back when I was bent over … took about a week before I could touch my toes.

most boys are like that. they just don’t know how to give details. ‘ how was school? fine. how was your day? fine.’
bleh. i try to get stuff outta them too and sometimes they give and sometimes they don’t. hang in there. hope it’s not broken. 🙂

I broke my nose on my first practice in little league way back when. At first I was just stunned like you said. About half an hour later I was in agony. I ended up with a nice pair of raccoon eyes and took a trip to the dr where he stuck a long wooden q-tip up my nose to set it. Didn’t have to have it taped or anything, but had to take it easy for a month or so.

I’m almost 32 and I still dont tell my mom details about stuff I do. Sometimes bits and details will come out but not enough to write a book. I always tell her she should of had a girl. 😉

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