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Hurricane Claudette Goes Coastal…

Hurricane Claudette sweeps ashore, but worst yet to come.

I wish I had a video camera this morning so I could record just how fast the clouds are moving. It’s just raining here, but we are under tornado watch advisory and flash flood warnings. It’s very wet and very gray outside – and windy!

If you want to keep an eye on things, there is a really cool Galveston Webcam. It’s not pretty out there right now. Claudette has arrived.

Update: No video camera, but I did snap a photo with the phone camera during my drive to work.

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14 replies on “Hurricane Claudette Goes Coastal…”

Claudette could have been so much worse. We got lucky in Houston/Galveston… Matagorda County is a mess.

BTW – thanks for the link to the ch. 11 webcam…..

Claudette really wasn’t that bad as far as storms go – so it’s probably safe to move to Texas. I think every state has something bad – you get good weather in California, but they have earthquakes for example. At least we know about hurricanes days or even weeks before they show up on the shore!

is so cute! when my parents left our house, our neighbor, Mark, was outside letting his new addition have full roam of the front yard. (mind you, Mark is also the owner of the 200+ pound bull mastiff named Tadpole.) Petunia is a 10-week old English …

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