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Beyotch is all I Can Say…

Miss USA is on TV right now. I find myself muttering “beyotch!” over and over as I watch. I ate dinner earlier, but this makes me want to never ever eat again.

How much does it suck that 51 women make it to the finals, but after the initial introductions are made all but 15 are kicked off – within minutes of the show starting. They don’t even get to wear their formal dresses. That just sucks.

Why is Jeff Gordon a judge? And who is that male MC? Is it just me, or are his cheesy comments enough to grate on your nerves?

I think it’s time I turn off the TV…

By Christine

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15 replies on “Beyotch is all I Can Say…”

I used to love watching beauty pageants (and that’s what they are no matter what they say), but Peter made fun of me so much that I finally quit watching them. I have to admit… I kind of miss them.

I was wondering why Jeff Gordon was a judge too. What does driving a race car have to do with judging a beauty pageant? I could say something really not nice about Jeff (since I’m a Dale Jr fan), but I won’t (but I’m soooo tempted … LOL). I didn’t watch the show, so I can’t comment on anything else.

Oops … what happened there? That was me who made the last comment. Not sure why my name disappeared. Guess I was too busy thinking about comments to make about Jeffie … LOL.

Normally I love watching the pageants – they are fun, they are amusing, and you get to make snarky comments. This year? I want to run in to the bathroom and make myself puke.

I bet it’s tied to the whole wedding dress thing. Next year I’ll be able to handle watching the twigs again without wanting to hurl things at the TV.

I just have one comment – will they please eat something! I mean come one I have never seen so many hip bones or ribs in my life! IT is just not natural or healty to be that skinny. Skinny is fine yes I am not saying it ins’t but there is a line. And the worst part is you know these girls are at least 5 9 and above.
Please just eat. Not to mention the fact that I felt like a beached whale the whole time.

Well, one thing is notable. NASCAR and anything redneck related can usually qualify you to be a judge. After all, doesn’t having trailer park skanks who hang around race tracks with men with Milwaukee’s Best Beer bellies qualify someone for having the skills to judge? After all, after hanging around skanks at NASCAR along with their mullet-headed fans, I would assume you would be able to judge classier by taking one look at them as opposed to the nasty things that hang around NASCAR.

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