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Big Fat Thanks!

We all know that the music label execs are jerks, but the Rolling Stone ad in the NY Times is simply priceless. [via Knitwitology]

I have to agree with Rolling Stone – there have been many times that I’ve downloaded an mp3 to make sure it was the right artist (since the radio stations never tell you who it is) and then I download a few more off the same CD to make sure I like it. If it’s good, I’ll buy the CD. I purchased more CDs after discovering the fine world of mp3 swapping then I did before – because I discovered new music I wouldn’t have otherwise. Way to go, label execs!

By Christine

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9 replies on “Big Fat Thanks!”

ya know, i do the same thing. money is valuable to me so if i’m gonna buy a cd, i want to make sure i’m gonna really like it. i will continue downloading mp3s until they pry my finegrs off my trackball.

That’s the way it should be. You sample to see if you like it before you shell out the ridiculous amount of money they want for the plastic. They make those things for pennies….and yet….
I wanna know what I’m paying for before I open the wallet.

Record labels always make the case of the “the poor artist,” but they don’t give a crap about the artist. They rip off the rights and most of the money, just so the artist can actually reach an audience. The real concern with mp3s and file-sharing is that the recording industry will become a useless middle-man that’s no longer necessary.

Hey thats awesome. I am not really a Rolling Stones reader but it is always nice to see someone in music industry stand up and say what nonsense all the lawsuits really are.

I don’t know but the lawsuits haven’t stopped the amount of music available on the internet. The technology won’t go away.

Maybe it’s time for the RIAA to find quality artists that will make the public want to have their CDs.

I’m right there with you. Because of a certain site whose first rule is “You Don’t Mention The Site” (right, liese?), I have discovered a lot of artists and music I had no knowledge of and have bought a lot of CDs as a result. The record people are fuktinnahead.

I *would* buy more CDs since MP3’s allow me to preview what I buy, but I’m dirt poor and I can’t afford to pay $20 for a cd that costs them $1 to make. But without MP3’s, I wouldn’t be buying the CDs anyway, so they don’t lose any money from me!

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