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Blogging at Borders…

Yesterday we took the Duck Tour of Boston, saw all the sites from the road under a cover to keep us dry in the rain. After that we walked through the North End, saw the Old North Church (one if by land, two if by sea…) and made a stop at Mike’s Pastry to get marzapan and a few cannoli. (Cannolis? Whatever.) Then there was the hour long detour of seeing parts of Boston we didn’t plan to see in the hunt for the Mass Pike.

Today has been much better. We drove in to the city and parked at the Harbor Garage. Right as we were about to park, Stacey called to see if we wanted to do lunch. We decided to meet up at the statue of Sam Adams. Griff was with her, so Jason was happy to have someone to talk to about video games. We decided to walk back to the North End for the infamous Regina Pizza, which is sooooooo good. I’ve never had it before, but now I understand why everyone raves about it! After that we walked over to Modern Pastry, then to the Paul Revere statue by the Old North Church. Back down Hannover to get some gelato, then across Haymarket to the Holocaust memorial. From there we walked past the City Hall (the absolute ugliest building in all of Boston) and then to the Kings Chapel Burial Grounds and the Granury Cemetary. After quick tours of both of those (really, how many headstones does one need to see?) we went to the Boston Common, where Stacey & Griff left us for the Red Line to home. We walked through the park to the Public Gardens, where we road the swan boats. One of those things we just couldn’t pass up, and since the weather was cooperating more today, they were running. Yesterday with the rain, they were closed. A stroll through the Public Gardens, and I finally got to see the “Make Way for Ducklings” ducks. Around the pond, I snapped photos of the statue of Washington with city in the background. Back through the Gardens and the Common, we headed on over to Downtown Crossing, which is where we are now. Blogging at Borders. Jason is reading a book, and Mike has found some Celtic music CDs that he has been looking for. I am happy to just have a break in walking.

Now it’s time to head back to the car, hop on to 93 to the Mass Pike (I know where I am going this time) and head to Jenn’s. Our last night in Boston… do we really have to go home?

Snapshots from throughout the day in the Moblog. I’ve been adding them as we go.

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By foot is the only way to see Boston – and by the sounds of it, you saw Boston! And, as far as I’m concerned, you’re welcome back any time.

The City Hall (and I agree about the unpleasant aesthetic) is noted as one of the failed monuments of the architectural school of “Brutalism”, which I find both amusing and appropriate – even if the school’s name comes from the French for rough concrete (beton brut) and not from the effect on the poor person walking around the awful building. By contrast, Houston’s Warwick Towers (across from the Museum of Natural Science) is considered a fine example.

I’ve rung the bells at the Old North Church. It’s one of the few places in the US where they do change-ringing, and a friend of mine is one of the regular ringers and last time I was in town, I got to go to one of their practices. It was a lot of fun.

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