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Photo Free…

Oh, I’ve been taking photos with the “regular” camera, but I just don’t feel up to posting them right now. Soon. However, Su has shared some really great ones and so has Erika, both from Friday and Sunday. Jenn has a new camera, and is working on getting hers online too. I’ve been posting in my new, not yet spiffy Moblog, and I may add the little photos to my main sidebar if I can figure out the code.

Sometimes, a vacation means a vacation from everything… especially after spending over an hour lost in the Boston/Cambridge area today. I’m a-ok when I’m on foot – no worries about one way streets. Navigating in the car was a whole other challenge. And who the hell builds a highway that no one can get on? The people here in MA do – the Mass Pike is an illusion; you can see it, you can drive over it, but good luck getting on to it. That is until you accidentally stumble across an on ramp at the “end” of Newbury Street at Mass Ave. Oh yes, from now on I’m taking the T or walking.

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ph33r the big dig and driving in boston/cambridge.
walking/T-ing is soooo much easier, unless you know exactly where you’re going. and even if you do (as I thought I did one time) you can still get easily lost – and the blocks aren’t quite as easy to “loop around” like you could in places like manhattan, etc.

And there … you just listed my number one reason that i don’t visit Boston that much … the driving is horrid. Pretty place, small streets and too many insane drivers … and this is coming from someone who has no problem driving in NYC’s traffic.

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