Blonde Moment…

I am not a blonde. I swear. But for years I have had people who haven’t met me in person tell me (when we meet face to face) “Oh! I thought you would be a blonde.” Whatever is that supposed to mean??? It means I am prone to do silly things somedays, like hang up on Jay. We have been exchanging e-mails about SXSW, just like I have with Meryl. In one of his e-mails he says to call him when I get into Austin and includes a phone number. I wasn’t sure if that was the number for his hotel or what the number was … so I called it. It rang a few times & I reached over to depress the hang-up thingie on the phone. As I was hanging up, before it was too late to stop the motion, I heard a voice say “Hello?” Not “Austin Hotel, how may I direct your call?” No, just a regular hello. I had hung up on Jay. Some moments are too classic for words…

Speaking of SXSW, here is the Austin Chronicle’s take on the whole thing. [via BarkingMoose]

By Christine

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