Principles. Right…

Reading through the Argus Leader – Editorials … “Preservation of the ability of the executive branch to function effectively requires respecting the confidentiality of communication among a president, a vice president, the president’s other senior advisers and others.” I don’t know what Cheney was thinking when he said that, but it was always my understanding that if we elect them, then we have a right to know what is going on. I mean, call me crazy, but wasn’t that the stance the Republicans took over the whole Monica crisis? We the people had the right to know every least detail of Clinton’s sex life – but Cheney says it is a matter of principle that he not release the names of the energy industry executives who were a part of his National Energy Policy Development Group? They helped the administration determine their energy policy recommendations, they had in input in OUR government. WE therefore have a right to know WHO they are! Somedays it all amazes me… [via Citizen Cites & Comments]

By Christine

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