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Bouncing Along…

Roll Bounce (Widescreen Edition)We watched Roll Bounce today and I *loved* it. I would put it right up there with some of my other favorites, like “Remember the Titans”. Is it a movie you watch for the best acting in the world? No, although I thought the acting was good. It probably isn’t going to be up for any awards any time soon. But it was a movie with a good story, good music, and the skating. Baby, the skating was where it was at! It brought back so many memories of the ’70s, hanging out at the skating rink with my friends, enjoying dancing on wheels. I realized during one part of the movie that I probably love the song “YMCA” because I remember skating to it. Along with the Hokey Pokey. Man, those were the days.

It is a good movie. There are many moments where you will laugh, and even a few where you will cry. (Well, if you’re like me and movies make you cry.) You’ll walk away feeling good. Safe to watch with kids, and you can’t say that too often about most movies. Best perk? You will leave it humming some wonderful ’70s songs. Boogie Woogie ’til you just can’t boogie no more!

Man, I want to go skating now!

By Christine

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