Roll Bounce!

I rented “Roll Bounce” for $1 today at McDonald’s and I’m going to watch it tonight. Living large, living large! Actually, ever since I saw the preview for it, I wanted to check it out. For $1, how could I really go wrong? Well … we’ll see. I’ll post an update here after I watch it. Seriously, I expect it to be good.

Some of the Butterfly museum photos to be posted on Flickr tomorrow. I put one there tonight, but I need to process the rest of them. Before I do that, I want to read more of my Photoshop book.

I’ve finally gotten used to “The Club” enough that I can type brief blurbs without wanting to pull out my hair. I can’t WAIT to get it off on January 3rd. Ahh… to be able to bathe and wash my hair without wrapping my right arm up in plastic…

(On an interesting side note, I broke my left arm while rollerskating on the driveway after the winter Olympics in the 80s. I was speed skating like Eric Hayden and took a turn bent over and leaning like they do, only to lose it when I came out of the curve. I think I hit a rock or something. Now, arm all wrapped up, I will be watching a movie about skating. Full circle, I tell you.)

UPDATE: It was later than I thought and Mike was too tired (he kept falling asleep!) so Roll Bounce will be our Saturday movie instead. That will give me more time to read one of my many books waiting for me!

By Christine

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Our local McDonalds have the Red Box at them, which offers DVD rentals for 1 night for $1. (Or $1 per night if you keep them longer.) They normally have the “latest and greatest” too, which is pretty nice. This was the first time we used it, and it was cool – I would definitely do it again.

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