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Brooke’s Bridal Portraits!

Brooke's Bridal Portraits - Houston, Texas

I posted last night about Brooke’s Bridal Portrait session in October over on the wedding photography site. While I’m trying not to double post everything over here as well, it is important to note that with this wedding which took place on Saturday, we’ve now wrapped up the 2008 wedding season! Whoo hoo!

The total rundown of the year is below.

January 2008
Sarah & Adrian
Amanda & Craig

February 2008
The Gibbs Wedding – second photographer for Jane Bernard

March 2008
Andi & Jason
Natalie & Hoan – second photographer for Trista Lerit
Liz & Dave

April 2008
Jacque & Joe

May 2008
Sarah & Marc
Ashley & Phillip
Sarah & Sean
Kara & Bryan

June 2008
Emily & Glen
Austin, Texas wedding – second photographer for Eric Hegwer
Brandi & Donald

July 2008
Kate & John
Maren & Clint
Kelly & Ian
Linnea & Evan – Mendocino, California
Leah & Sanjay – Carmel, California – second photographer for Gene Higa

September 2008
Leah & Ryan
Tricia & Dan
Erika & Jason

October 2008
Kathleen & David
Sarah & Jason
Lindsey & Shelby
Andrea & Rich

November 2008
Amy & Jerry
Amy & Paul
Samantha & Benjamin
Brooke & Billy

Best wishes to all of them! It has been an amazing & awesome year!!!

By Christine

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The wedding dress is so nice and beautiful. You’ve been one busy girl this year and not just with weddings. You’ve done some cool editorial things too. Thank you.

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