Tweets for 2008-11-27…

  • Decided last night that the smart choice was to turn OFF the computer and spend an hour or two offline. I feel better now because of it. #
  • Mac users – I have a free copy of 1Password to give away. First person to DM me can have it. Let me know! I’ll need your email address too. #
  • 1Password spoken for now – thanks! 🙂 #
  • Oh! 1Password gave me another free copy to give away! Anyone else want a copy? Send me your full name & email address! Whee! #
  • Other 1Password code now spoken for. Will see if I can snag @coffeemike’s codes for the 2 people that asked after @swphotogal. #
  • Cracking up over this PSA from the 70s. BAD EVIL PAID TV! (All that is left these days…) #
  • Went to see Twilight. Why can’t *I* be a vampire! No sleeping? Just think of all the time I would have! I could work and KNIT! #
  • After taking a movie break, I decided tonight would be an awesome time to set up pricelists in ShootQ v2. I *heart* ShootQ v2. #

By Christine

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