Bye-Bye Domain…

*le sigh* My very first domain that I ever owned,, has been snatched up by evil domain gobblers. I had issues earlier this year trying to get Network Solutions to let go of the domain and let me renew it through a different registrar. Of course, they wouldn’t go for it, and I refused to pay $70 for two years. Then I blew it off thanks to the job hunt, starting work, etc. It’s so sad to see my little baby gone like that – I registered it back in 1999, so I had it for 4 years. There are a lot of people and places that think my e-mail address is still at that domain. Oh well, my own fault for refusing to give in to Verisign’s greedy ways.

Fortunately, I set up in December, when all of this started. At least there is some good in all of this!

By Christine

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that sucks, christine… i still have my domain since 1999 and even tho .nu domains are pretty expensive (compared to anything that Godaddy offers), i will continue to pay the hefty penny.

I re-upped a domain @ NetSol in Jan – they processed my payment, and STILL expired the domain. I went ballistic – as this was a domain reg’d back in 95/96 and would have gotten snapped up in a minute. They forced me to pay AGAIN for the renewal, and then credited me for the previous payment. I decided then and there to move ALL other domains from NetSol to other registrars as they come up for payment. (I’m STILL steaming)

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