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Just a Slight Issue…

Dive Into Mark was nice enough to offer up all of the templates that he uses in MT. Only one problem. If I try to visit his site, using Win98 and IE 6, it locks up my computer. Complete crash, and nothing but a hard boot will fix it. Yeah, just a slight issue with his new design.

I was having a similar problem with Kristine’s site, but she has skins and so there was a template that I could use without any problems. Not an option with Dive Into Mark. Man, and I really want to look at those templates!

Just a note: This is the work computer. I don’t have an option about the operating system. I use Win2000 at home; Win98 is not by choice.

By Christine

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Can’t reproduce this on Windows 98, IE 6 SP 1. Does this occur on every page (try or just the home page?

The home page has a script to detect spyware and other undesirables. If subpages load but the home page does not, you probably have spyware on your system. Try AdAware or “SpyBot Search & Destroy”.

Actually – it’s the opposite. After the first crash, I went to the main index page, and then selected the link that took me to the About page. It locked up that time on the About page. (It locked up the first time on the specific page with the MT templates.)

Not sure if SP1 is installed; I am running “Windows 98, Second Edition” when I look up the system information in the Control Panel.

Agreed. A client in my day job just filed a bug report that our application was causing Windows 98 to have problems shutting down, and they were surprised we’d never noticed it. (Probably a bogus report, but still, we had to investigate it.) My initial reaction was “well of course we never noticed, I don’t think I’ve ever had enough luck running Windows 98 to even attempt to shut it down gracefully.”

Hehe, what an odd problem indeed. I can at least vouch that it works fine with win2000/IE6 so hopefully you’ll be able to look at the templates when you get home. 😉 I’m so glad I graduated from win98 years ago … I was starting to get tired of the monthly reformat ritual. 😀

I’m on windows 98se with ie6 and sp1 installed and I’m not having any problems, yet :-)Christine check under help – the about ie should tell you wether you have the service pack installed or not, hopefully it’s as simple as that.

Now I’m off to get some of these templates – since basically all I have is the index done. Thanks for the tip.

That’s two 🙂

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