Call Me, I’ll be There…

Like most women, I have a bit of an addiction to shoes. I can admit it. I like shoes. I like purses too, especially black ones. On a number of occassions, I’ve had to stop myself from buying a purse or a pair of shoes that I didn’t really need, but I really wanted. That last push of self-control is hard, but so worth it in the long run – something I can appreciate as I clear out all of the unused stuff from my apartment.

Friday night I called Kathy to let her know where we would be going for dinner in downtown. When I called, I asked her where she was at, what she was doing. She was at a shoe store – about to buy more shoes!

Thanks in part to her blog, I could rattle off three pairs of shoes that she has purchased in the past month. Add to that the fact that she has posted many times about how she wants to save more money, that she needs to save money, etc.

Me: You bought the boots, you ordered more boots, and you bought those tennis shoes at Target.
Her: But I need these. They are sneakers. I need them for running.
Me: You are *so* not going to run in those shoes.
Her: Uhm… yes I am!
Me: Then you can run in the sneakers you got at Target! PUT DOWN THE SHOES. Now.
Her: Oh, ok. Fine. I put them back. I’m leaving the store.
Me: No you’re not.
Her: Yes I am – I’m outside. Can’t you tell I’m outside? (makes whooshing sound in to phone like wind blowing.)
Me: I still don’t think you’re outside. (laughs at mental image of Kathy in shoe store making whoosh sound.)
Her: Yes I am! I’m starting my car! Can you hear my car?

I could finally hear her car, and I was satisfied that my mission had been accomplished.

I think that from now on I should offer shoe shopping intervention services. Just call on me if you’re about to spend that money that is burning a hole in your pocket, and I’ll talk you out of it. If you can truly justify your purchase, then I will approve your purchase. (By the way, slide on sneakers are not shoes that you can run in.) Sort of like a little help group for the shoe addicts out there.

Question is, who am I going to call when I’m out shopping, trying to buy the things I don’t need?

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I am going to plug your number into my wife’s phone. SERIOUSLY. I am just not as good at saying “you have 3 pair of shoes that look exactly the same as that and that hurt your feet in just the same way that I am sure that pair will so you shouldn’t even think that these are the answer to your prayers!” That’s what I am thinking but I can never bring myself to say it.

My wife decided last year that she needed to buy some dedicated sandals/flip-flops to wear while working out in the garden. Fine. So this weekend I go out in the yard to clean up some hurricane debris, and find a total of SIX PAIRS of sandals, in various states of decomposition, strewn about the yard. Some of them were $3 flip flops, but some were leather sandals. What is it with you girls??

Call me. I have another friend who is constantly going on about the shoes she buys. “Like, oh my god, I just got a pair of cole hans for 75% off” I look her blankly and say “So? Aren’t you in a lot of debt? You should return them?”

She never does, but I’m so mean about it, I just know I could help you if you listened to me.

you’re just going to rub it in whenever you can, right? i’m so not going to blog about anything i’m buying anymore (watch my blog posts just drop significantly). LOL 😀

i am the walking example of someone buying too much of one thing.

Syd, I am actually the return queen. I will get stuff home, look at it, think about it, and realize that I don’t need it and return it later that same week. I’ve even returned on the same day before! I think it’s some twisted addiction, really. I feel happy when I shop, get a nice buzz off of finding the latest great deal, and then crash later when I realize I don’t have the money I just spent – so I return it, which is a whole new rush…

Damn, I’m glad I have your phone number in my cell phone. Along with Matt’s & Kathy’s … I think I need to add more, you know … just to be safe!

I have so many shoes in my closet … well it’s sickening … to everyone but me! I wrote an ode to shoes on my own blog … see post from July 8. So I’m totally digging yours today! Happy shopping ladies … and remember … you can NEVER have enough toe-covers.

But why stop at shoe services? We guys buy a lot of useless stuff – and certainly you could keep a percentage. And what about mall marathons? The boyfriends/husbands could call you, in horror at the prospect of going to the mall, and then you could callm the shopaholic and offer support. No purchases made, everybody happy.

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ummm I wouldn’t call me. I am just as bad as Kathy. When I went to NYC last year, I just had to have these platform boots. There have images painted all over them. They cost a fortune. Well, I have only worn them once. I have several pairs that I have never worn. I love ugly shoes. I like to collect them. I just don’t wear them much. Not sure why. 😉

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