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8 Simple Rules…

It’s that time of year again. Season premieres are finally here! I have the Tivo set to pick up Frasier and Judging Amy tonight, but I forgot to tell it to record one show. 8 Simple Rules also premieres tonight, in a season that will be reworked to fit around the fact that John Ritter died. “8 Simple Rules…” to Live On has all the details.

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I have GOT to remember to tape that tonight. (No Tivo) Hubby has to work so he’ll miss it if I don’t. Sad, sad. I think I’d better have the tissues handy. Katie Seagal is supposed to address the viewers before the episode airs, from what I heard on the radio this morning.

i just am not sure how to feel about the whole thing – life/entertainment way says that continuing the story is a good thing so that society can be exposed to something they may not have personal experience with – corporate-wise just looks like they want to make big money on someone’s death. they just better be tasteful – which i think most of the media HAS been so far… but things sometimes slip.

Although it will break my heart to see 8 Simple Rules without John, I am very happy the network will continue the show. It’s the way he would have wanted things. After all, we all need the things that make us smile.

Tonight’s show was a bitter-sweet reminder of the equally sudden loss of my father. I was only 54 and, in no way, ready to say goodbye. The family did carry on.

I Enjoy 8 Simple Rules very Much
John Ritter was Very talented and he will be missed i too like his brother tom have cerebral palsy and would like too make a donation in his name
if anyone knows how i can do that email me

I missed the episode after John’s death and only caught the end when it re-aired on Sat night. Can anyone tell me the story line of how they explain his death? Thank you!!

I thought everyone did a great job, considering. Almost like in some parts they didn’t have to act it, because he really did die, it wasn’t just on the show. The emotion was REAL and you could tell. God Bless the cast and crew of that show for carrying on, and God Bless John’s wife and kid. Thanks to ABC for keeping the show up and running. RIP John (or Jack, as I used to refer to him when I was little.. because of Three’s Company)

I really enjoyed eight simple rules but now that pauls gone it wont be the same. I loved the way he called kerry carebear.He really was the star of the show. I send my love to all the family at this very sad time. I am really really sad that he died on the set of eight simple rules. He will be missed in the new series by every fewer that fewed the show including the crew.

I didnt watch the show when John Ritter was on it but apparently he was really good. I’m really glad David Spade joined the cast though i think he made the show a whole lot better and i think now more people watch it i know i watch it because of david spade and i think he’s really hot but hte show has a good plot and very realisitic i love it does anyone know how to contact them(the cast) like email or anything?

I watched “goodbye” yesterday on ABC1. I’ve only been watching 8 simple rules for a few months but loved it so much. Everytime i watched it i was saddened to know that this fantastically funny actor was no longer with us. I did not know that they were going to carry on without him, i thought they were just going to keep playing re runs.. which i could happily watch all the time!
Watching “goodbye” yesterday was so heartfiller. I cried my eyes out whilest gripping on to my 10 month old daughter. It felt like a moment where i should be greatful that I have my family. I could see not much acting was needed for this episode. All emotions were real of course and thats what made it even more emotional. Thinking about it now still brings tears to my eyes.
I think it’s really great that they’re carrying on with the show, it definetly wont be the same, but i’m sure he’s pleased to see that they’re keeping the show alive without him.

i love 8 simple rules and i watch it all the time. when i first found out about john’s death i was so sad. i knew that the show would not be the same without him. if i missed one episode of 8 simple rules i would scream my head of because i loved it soooo much and i still do. nobody could beat john at acting because he was so funny. i am the biggest fan of 8 simple rules and i still get upst when i see pictures of john and when the cast talk about him on 8 simple rules. i am sure that the actors like, katey sagael, kaley cuoco, amy davidson and rory didnt have to act sad at all or pretend to cry because i am sure they were very sad. i miss john but i am extremely glad the show is still going on because i think that’s what john would have wanted. i am 12 years old and i am still watching this show, infact i think i’ll be watching it for years.

I only first saw this show when I got digital TV in the UK as we don’t get ABC1 and I saw the girls, cate, rory, cj and the grandpa who I love from the notebook! They said the Dad had died and I was like ok, then I saw the earlier episodes still with Paul, then some with like Rory carving the turkey and ” Hi ” scratched at the cabin at the lake and now I love the show and feel a real sadness as I then learnt he was actually dead, I’ve yet to see Goodbye, I bet it’s wonderful and Im sure they’ll show it soon. I agree with the carebear comment, he is such a lovely person, the show isnt the same without him, I love shows like this, hope and faith and home improvement where you really feel they’re a family and you see the kids grow up. John will be missed xxxx

8 simple rules is the most funniest show i have ever seen i think paul was a great actor and it isnt the same without him, im glad they havent tried to replace him though,i really hope so badly that there are new series because i always look for it on abc1 it is the funniest show ever and rory rocks!

Like some people who have posted entries above, I only started watching “8 Simple Rules” when i installed Telewest cable tv in December 2005. I’ve watched episodes with the dad and then episodes where they were talking about missing him and I always wondered whether he had just left the show and they had written it into the storyline. Today, i decided to “google” to find out and feel really sad to know that John Ritter actually died. May his soul rest in peace.

I still find it hard to take in that hes gone, he was the funiest.
I havent watched the one where hes dead, maybe thats best 🙁

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