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Chronic – What? – cles of Narnia…

Prepping for the tests I had on Thursday SUCKED. In so many ways. Ugh. So to get through it, I watched some of the episodes of Saturday Night Live I had on the TiVo. I figured when you’re taking things that make your belly go woo-woo the best thing for it is laughter, right?

So I am out of the “cool things going around” loop obviously, because I had heard NOTHING about the SNL “Lazy Sunday” skit. I laughed so hard I practically cried when I first watched it. Then I called Mike back into the bedroom so he could watch it. (He had heard about it, but not seen it.) Then we watched it again. Then I watched it one more time. I’ve been quoting it ever since, and now I’ve even found a copy to download.

Yes, it is THAT funny. It’s all about the Hamiltons, baby! Bakers Dozen!

Chronic- What? -cles of Narnia … Its the Chronic- What? -cles of Narnia…

By Christine

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The wusses at YouTube has removed the Cronic clip for an undefined TOS Violation. I guess it was too popular. Now it’s impossible to find.

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