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Close Call with His Noodly Appendage…

I’ve been meaning to write about my classes for the past week, but it seems like something keeps getting in the way. You know, like the Algebra homework I need to do after I write this. (A writing exercise on what two goals I have for the class. Uhm, yeah.)

I’m taking Biology I this semester. I took it a bajillion years ago (1988), but according to my transcripts it was one of the victims of me not going to class. Since I plan to major in a science-related field, I’ll need to know this stuff, so I’m doing it over.

My teacher seems to be a nice enough man, but he is terrible at lecturing. Absolutely horrible. I sit in the front row (I’m such a brown-noser) and I can barely hear him. Especially when he turns and talks to the board while writing notes on it. On top of that, he is Hispanic and has a very thick accent, so sometimes it is very hard to understand what he is saying. Then, on top of that, he drones on and on in one flat, even tone. One that seems to put people into a coma. The fact that the class is from 7:50 – 10:50 doesn’t help – there is supposed to be a lab, but so far he has just talked. Ugh.

The first day of class, the asshat student of the bunch made himself known. Granted, the guy is hard to listen to – but still, I think it was wrong that the asshat came up to him during our break and told him how he should speak up and change his tone from time to time. In a snotty-manner. Not nice, just flat-out rude.

The second day of the class, the teacher started to cover Darwin and the Theory of Evolution. The asshat brought us dangerously close to the topic of Intelligent design by asking if it was true that Darwin recanted on his deathbed and said that his theory was wrong. The teacher laughed. Really, even if Darwin recanted because he felt the Christians of the world were against him, it doesn’t matter – many people have proved his theory since then.

I had to stop myself from laughing because the whole situation made me immediately think of Mac and her love of the Intelligent Design concept. I wonder how asshat would have reacted if I had brought up the Flying Spaghetti Monster and His Noodly Appendage in response to his comment.

I’m glad we didn’t go down the Intelligent Design path. Now if we could just get my teacher to speak up, and the asshat to keep his mouth shut.

By Christine

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Okay so I’m what you call a “blurker” and have been for a while…but your Bio woes brought me back to my glory days as a Biology major (which wasn’t really that long ago). I have a long standing love-hate relationship with the subject, but there’s still a soft spot in my heart. Best of luck with it! (Oh…and I’ve had your professor…except mine was an ancient white man who taught Physics to the first two seats of the front row of the 200-seat auditorium! Did I ever sit in one of those seats?? Hell NO! I’m the queen of the back row (preferably the seat by the door for quick exits). Anyways, best of luck!

I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is one of the best things ever. Being Touched by His Noodly Appendage has totally made my year. I’m even going to put one of the FSM fish decals on the back of my car. Don’t let the asshats get you down, and I’ll see you at the beer volcano in heaven.

Hi – -FYI the sockapal package has been mailed – be on the lookout for it – it will arrive in a few days – I mailed it Priority US Mail. Let me know what you think when it arrives. Hope it brightens up your week.

OK. Survival of the Fittest is so fascinating. I’m not educated in natural sciences, but from what I have read it would seem that it has been clearly demonstrated. Yet, there would also seem to be other things going on (I’m not talking about Intelligent Design). Because there seem to be mistakes. For example, why did animals (well, a lot of them) evolve with their brains on top of their necks? That is a highly vulnerable place to be. I can see eyes on top of a neck, so they can be on a head that swivels, but a brain?

Excuse me Christine, but while reading this entry I hadn’t even made it to the “asshat” part when I thought “heck, she should have told the prof that that was no way to teach a class”. One does not need to be rude, and should definitely wait until the break before bringing it up, but I would never just sit again and again through that. Nothing wrong in telling him to make an effort to communicate better, these are not free lessons anyway, are they? The first skill a teacher must have is being able to communicate effectively. I think you should actually be grateful to “asshat” for what he did, this time 🙂

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