Noodly Appendage Class…

I was thinking about it today while I was in Biology – after the first week, it really isn’t too hard to understand the teacher, and he does a good job of teaching even if the way he pronounces “protein” is strange. I was talking with B., the other “returning student” in my class, about it and she said the same thing. He goes over what is in the book, and he uses it well – so if I’m not clear on something I can always refer to the book to clear it up. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, so I’m happy with the class. (A bit sleepy sometimes if he goes on too long over cell structures, but happy.)

I didn’t register for classes until August, and this was the only one I could fit into my schedule and keep my goal of being out of class by 12:30 every day. I want to make sure I’m home (and have a little study time) before Jason gets home. So switching classes wasn’t an option – but it is ok, I really feel like I’m learning in his class.

As for the rest of the students though? Yeah… Today was one of those days where my “returning student” status was pretty obvious. B. and I were both laughing and shaking our heads as we came back inside from our break. (We get a 10 minute break since it is a class with a lab.) As we walked up the stairs, the kid in front of us was talking about the party with “100 jello shots and 10 cans of trash-can punch” and how he “really didn’t know how he got home” and … wow. I know I had friends like that when I was a freshman or sophomore in college, but … I don’t know. I just found it amusing in a sad way.

It really is interesting to see college from this perspective. I saw a girl in the hall last week that was wearing a guy’s class ring in a big chain – hot! Don’t you normally stop doing those things when you leave high school? I’ve also discovered these two guys that sit in the commons area around lunchtime and play some sort of card game. It looks like something like when little kids play Yu-Gi-Oh, but with cards that have some halogram on them? I don’t know what they are. But on Tuesday I heard the one guy telling the other how he couldn’t make the move he was going to make, and there was some serious debate going on about it. I was almost expecting to see the D&D dice as I walked by today. I’m going to have to get a photo on Tuesday. Really, I can’t resist.

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I have actually come to relish my “adult” status – I love seeing kids walking around our neighborhood and saying to myself, “What kind of parents let their kids out looking like THAT?!”

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