Cold Front Coming!

Our first fall cold front is coming through Houston in the next few days. Our highs will be in the low 80s next week.

Yeah, the end of September and the expected high for today is 90. And people wonder why I grumble at times about how much I hate Houston? Thank goodness, summer is almost finally over!

By Christine

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6 replies on “Cold Front Coming!”

Living in Dallas, I totally agree about the heat and I also detest the humidity. I’ve lived in many different climates and I prefer the cold hands down. My friends call me crazy because I love snow or rainy weather.

I hate snow (lived with it for 23 years), but I do miss Indian summers and early fall in Michigan. I miss the leaves changing and the crisp breeze on a sunny day. *sigh* damn humid Houston!

You call that a cold front! Wow right now I would be loving just 32 degrees. Its a steamy -1 degrees here in Alaska. Thats high for this time of year. Its only going to get colder the record is -40 in the mat-su valley.

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