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Comics are for Kids!

Here in Texas, we don’t just arrest women for having 17 sex toys in her car, we also arrest store employees for selling adult comic books to adults! Yes, a Dallas store manager was arrested for selling an adult oriented, sex story, comic book to an undercover cop. He was convicted and appealled the verdict twice, but his appeal was refused. You can read more here. Yes, in this state, anything is possible! [via Promo]

I should add that I don’t personally think that comics are just for kids, but the second I read about this that was the first thing that popped in to my mind. Blame it on seeing too many Trix commercials when I was growing up!

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This sort of thing makes me so angry I could just spit. In the interest of coherence I will contain myself to just one aspect. The idea that comic books are a childrens’ medium is perpetuated by people who do not actually buy comics. Having worked in both the retail and publishing ends of the comic business I can tell you that only a small percentage of comics are purchased by children or by parents for their children. Kids are just not interested. They have video games and computers to entertain them. The people who keep the comics world in business tend to be from the 25 to 35 age group. People who are quite capable of deciding whether or not they want adult content and showing their IDs if required.
This is exactly why the CBLDF is so necessary. Grrrrr…

*sigh* Only in Dallas. {ed k. shaking head.}

And as a side note, I’m very familiar with Keith’s Comics. Keith is a good guy. I used to manage a partner store (comic books and movie posters) to their franchise when I was working my way through college.

Hello. I’ve never commented before but I wanted to say hello and give a direct link to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at for other insane comic book stories and how people are trying to fight it. Good for a read or to donate by buying some cool shirts, books, etc.

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