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Since today’s theme is stupid people and I just got some more spam in my in box, I just have to ask this too … why do people memorialize Dale Earnhart? Why is it that I see cars and trucks around town with the “3” on the back, the number he raced under? My spam was for collector cards – “A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt – The Intimidator” Yes folks, the intimidator. He was a Nascar driver and he had a reputation of intimidating the other drivers with his reckless driving. And we are going to pay tribute to that? Please. I just don’t get it.

By Christine

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I’m a NASCAR fan and I will never understand the whole tribute and such to “The Intimidator”. He was an ass on asphault in my opinion, and his son is the same way. He drove cars extremely fast for a living, and while someone dying isn’t usually a good thing, it was the everyday risk involved with that career.

Obviously I wasn’t his fan, but even if the Jeff Gordan died I would not be buying living room throws, special edition gold-plated commemorative somethingorothers afterwards.

Ah, I feel better now. Thanks for bringing it up, and excuse me while I duck and hide.

My Dad is a Nascar fan too – has been all my life. He pretty much said the same thing you did Alicia. What I really don’t get is that it’s been a few years now since he died, but the merchandising is still going strong.

Now I had better look out. That Calvin with the cookies is going to be showing up on trucks all around town. I just know it is… (*snort* That so freakin’ rocks!)

I don’t get the idealization of any celebrity or sports star. They are just people who have managed to find a way to make a lot of money. However, as we usually find out, in their private lives they are not that special.

Thank you for saying something about this… I live in Maryland and I’m constantly seeing the number three on cars and trucks, some vehicles even have loving tributes painted on the cars themselves. I don’t follow the overwhelming affection for a race car driver, especially years later. Are there no other people more worthy of tribute and rememberence than a guy who drove in circles? I just don’t get it.

When the only bookstore in my small Kentucky town closed, the building was taken over by a NASCAR merchandise store. That was several years ago and the store is still going strong. I don’t understand it at all.

I have no opinion about NASCAR, but just thought you might want to know that I got spam addressed to my parents’ dog yesterday, offering him a new product to prevent baldness. Anything to stop the shedding – he’s a big dog!

I don`t even like Nascar despite living in NC. The only reason I ever watched it was because of Earnhardt. He was a southern cultural icon- Like Elvis or Rick Flair. He was the poor boy down the street that done good. He was the american dream.

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