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Still sick. Hacking cough, sniffly nose, and the occassional sneeze. Just tons of fun around here. But as I was just going through and deleting all of my spam e-mail, I came across a new twist on the Nigerian Bank Scam. I just had to wonder – what do these people do? I mean, I’m supposed to send them my contact info and my bank info and they will send me the money. What happens to the people that respond? Do the bad spammers then go and wipe out their bank accounts?

On a completely separate note, have you ever noticed that most people are stupid? First I’m reading through a ton of documents at work. It all starts to sound like “Wah, wah, wah. I’m an idiot and the big mean company didn’t stick enough labels all over this and they didn’t make it so idiot proof I wouldn’t hurt myself with it so wah, wah, wah … gimme some money because I’m upset.” Just think about it the next time you see that “do not take the hairdryer in the tub” label. Never mind the fact that if people weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t have these issues. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Then last night I stopped to get gas and I noticed the guy at the other pump talking on his cell phone while standing there at the pump. This can potentially be very dangerous, but not as dangerous as the homeless guy that was walking around and asking everyone if they wanted to buy a digital camera while he smoked a cigarette! I waved him off before he even got close to me – the last thing I needed was for my car to blow up! People can be so stupid.

Yeah, this is the stuff I sit and wonder about when I’m sick. Unfortunately, I can’t blame it on Nyquil like Ciscley.

Edited: Ok, I was wrong about the cell phone and pumping gas. I meant to look that up before I posted – you can read about it here. “The risk is very small that something will happen, but since there is a risk, it should be counted.” Yeah, because otherwise some idiot will come after you for money just because they are stupid and hurt themselves and they want to blame you. Wah, wah, wah…

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Lol blaming your weird thought on cold meds!! I think that when people hurt themselves with things, it’s not a matter of their intelligence. It’s more like, “did they label this or can I sue them?” Which in itself is stupid, so I guess it does go back to their intelligence, eh?

Really? Because I was working at a oil & gas firm that had a poster in their breakroom about the possibility of a static charge and the potential dangers.

Either way, the guy with the cigarette was more likely to blow us up. What was he thinking?

I’ve been sick for a long time w/ a bronchitis type of thing and I just recently learned about (thru my doctor) about DELSYM cough syrup (over the counter). Tastes GOOD and lasts 12 hours. I highly recommend it if the cough is bothering you or if your throat is getting raw or sore from coughing. It’s helping me ALOT. Get well! =:D

Actually, I was just going to recommend Delsym to you. When I was a pharmacy technician, it was the first thing we told people to try for your symptoms. It can be expensive, but it is definitely worth it and it actually tastes good! Hope you’re feeling better soon..

Y’know they should advertise the side effects of cold medicine. I mean, most of the benefits of the different products are all the same now. What it treats, how long it lasts, even the flavors. So why don’t they upsell the little “extras”. Instead of warning about the side effects they should totally market them. You’re going to have a side effect, so why not get the one you want.

Fortunately, I haven’t been coughing too much. It’s more of an achy, sinus, sore throat, headachy thing. And I sneeze every once in awhile. Unfortunately, the chick at the office that had strep (confirmed by the doctor) had a lot of the same symptoms. Blech. Thank goodness the Tylenol Flu has been helping out somewhat…

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