Conversations in the Kitchen…

Scene: Jason is sitting in the kitchen, working on his homework. He starts singing the “Poke you in the Eye” song (by the fabulous Flying Fish Sailors) that I use as the Pointy Sticks theme song. I comment that I need to finish the podcast tonight.

Me: Dude, your Mom podcasts…
Jason: *laughs*
Me: You know, there are all these mommy bloggers out there that blog about what their kids do. Like what they ate and if they pooped today. Can I do that? You know, like blog about whether or not you poop? (FYI, he is 14, not 2. So I wasn’t seriously going to blog about his bowel habits. I’m not that mean.)
Jason: *snorting laughter* No. That is just crazy. Those moms are nuts. Who wants to read about whether or not their kid poops? I bet if you look closely at their photographs, the background is a room with soft padding pillows on the walls. That is just insane!

I guess their will be no mommy blogging for me. Although he did say I can blog about his dates when he starts dating. I asked if I could post photos too, with the black bar across their eyes to protect their identity. He said I have to use more than just a black bar. I can give them nicknames though – like “trampy dressing girl” and “geek girl.” Sweet!

Speaking of geek girls, Ann? Jason’s ears perked up when I mentioned that your daughter is in an Anime club at school. He said to get her IM and to give you his IM and they can chat.

Signs of the future – fixing your kid up via IM. Ah, the joys of the teenage years.

(Update: Uh, ok. I fixed all the typos. Dr. Phil was on in the background when I typed this originally, and the Dr. Phil? He makes me a little crazy. Obviously, he was messing with my typing skills. Oops.)

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I totally promise to refrain from discussing poopy pants. I’ll try not to be a crazy mom. (Uh. Has your kid been reading my blog ’cause I thought I got rid of the wall padding. Hehe.)

Ah, another way to embarrass your teenager…tell her she’s being mentioned in a knitting blog. The last time she rolled her eyes this much was when I took her picture in front of the Corn Palace in South Dakota. She did give me her IM pseudonym, however, and I will pass that along.

I can’t find your email address, so I will comment here. I’d love to come on Friday, but I can’t. I have to wait for Fed Ex to deliver a package, I know, the lamest excuse in the known world, but it’s my new mp3 player and I want it and I’m not sure if the guy will leave it or not. Now that schools in, I am starting to get bored…

@Ann – wow! Jason has been to the Corn Palace too!

@Sarah – Yeah, I am *so* not a mommy blogger. I’m sort of glad too, although the teen years will be amusing fodder for the blog.

@Sockbug – sorry about that! I just assumed your comments showed it to you. I’ll e-mail you about tomorrow, Friday, and next week! We’ll get you out of the house as soon as possible!

Dr. Phil makes me want to stick sporks in my eyes. Oh! He is just SO annoying. Such an ass.

As for The Oprah? Has anyone else been on the cover of her magazine? I don’t think so. I guess when you’re that rich, and you name the magazine after yourself, you can be on every single cover. I liked Oprah better back in the ’80s when she was a small Chicago show. I don’t like the “new and improved” Oprah as much. She still doesn’t annoy the crap out of me like Dr. Phil though.

I’m scared of the new Rachel Ray show. She is another one of those people that pushes me over the edge a little bit. I cry a little when I see the commercials for her show.

LOL, you’re a good mum 🙂 I blog about my kid, but nothing personally, just goofy stuff. You’re so kind on asking, I wish my mother would do that when she talks with her friends about me :S

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