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How can you not love watching old school Sesame Street videos? You know, from back before Elmo came on and the whole show changed? Man, I love Sesame Street. And cookies.

[via TV Squad’s article, Cancel Everything and Watch Sesame Street the Rest of the Day]

By Christine

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Crank calls. Fargo North, Decoder. Silent E.

and who could forget…

write ZOOM (zee-double-oh-em)
Box 3-5-Oh
Boston, Mass ooooh-two-oooone-three-fooooouuuur
(send it to zoom!)


Roosevelt Franklin and The King of Eight.

Ok, I know either you or the other cookie readers will be able to help with this. I very distinctly remember two Sesame Street skits about cooperation that I can’t find anywhere, nor can I find anyone who remembers them. The first has two muppets — one has his arms stuck straight up and can’t reach his mouth, the other has his arms bent and can’t reach the fruit on a tree. Together, they both get to eat –> cooperation. The second one is about a king who wants to have a picnic and they all bring the same thing, and the mountains are covered with mashed potatoes or potato salad, I can’t remember which. Until the king makes assignments and tells everyone what to bring. They all respond, “You got it, king!” and end up with a great picnic. HELP! It’s driving me to distraction.

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