I woke up this morning and I could breath through both sides of my nose, for the first time in days. I know … ewwwwwww … but considering how I’ve felt since Saturday, being able to breath was a good thing. Decided I really couldn’t handle another day in bed, so I went to work. No fever – otherwise I would have stayed home. I coughed and sniffled a lot, but I made it through the day. Tod went to meet with the client that wanted to meet in person on his own – I didn’t think it was right to show up at their office like this. I muddled my way through my conference call, and she was truly understanding. I got a big kick out of the fact that Liz said that when she was entering my reason for being out yesterday she almost quoted what Kymberlie told her after talking to me on the phone – “She sounds like ass.” Yeah, that summed it up pretty well. I made it through the full day today, but I was pretty tired by the end. Kristine “sent me” cookies to cheer me up! You’ll get to see them when the skins return. Speaking of people sending me things, right before I took a turn for the worse, Chrys sent me an awesome photograph too. I’ll post it tomorrow. For now, it’s time for bed. I need some rest.

Things are getting feisty at Big Blogger All-Star! where the other contestants nominated Min Jung and Rusty for elimination. (Yes, the other contestants. Not me.) And the shock of the day? They voted Min Jung off. *gasp* Even if you have no interest in following the game, could you let me know if you have a Yahoo log-in and you’re willing to join the Message Boards? There may come a point in time where I will need you to go and vote in order to advance. Hook me up if you can, ok?

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It’s not fun when people tell you that you sound like ass. What’s worse is when they TELL you. Someone told me that when I had walking pneumonia in February. It’s like “Thanks. It’s not bad enough that I FEEL horrible, but you’re going to tell me that I LOOK horrible too?”

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