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Critical Bug in MT-Blacklist…

Just doing my part to help spread the word about this MT-Blacklist v2.x bug – don’t delete any weblogs you have if you are running this version of MT-Blacklist. When you delete one weblog, it will delete a second weblog. As long as you don’t delete any weblogs, there shouldn’t be any problems. Just keep them up and running until there is a fix issued.

By Christine

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Two things:
1: before you do any major structural changes to your blog, make a backup!
2: if you must delete a blog, I was able to remove the blacklist files from the plugins folder, delete the blogs, and then restore the plugin. YMMV, see thing #1.

There is some speculation that the problem only occurs when groups are used within Blacklist. I’ve created and deleted blogs to test (and did so during the beta testing) without problems, so I’m leaning toward that theory.

Having said that, Michael is right — backing up before major changes is always the best idea.

MT-Blacklist bug
Found at Christine’s… Critical bug: Don’t delete weblogs! It has recently been brought to my attention that there seems to be a bug in MT-Blacklist v2.x that will, upon weblog deletion, delete a second weblog….

Well my point (and I did have one) was just because there’s an entry in mt-blog for your blog, it doesn’t mean it’s there. blog != contents of blog.

The backup was the life saver. “Crapola, what happened? OK, shutdown mysql, untar db files, start up mysql, try again, crapola mark 2, restore again, go search MT Forums…”

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