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Crossing Over to the Dark Side…

The Dark Side Switch Commercial finally clarifies for me how Anakin ended up switching to the Dark Side! [via Kymberlie who found it at Marmalade]

Speaking of Kymberlie and “The Dark Side”, she loves to torture me while I’m trying to work. She is so mean. She had me laughing so hard I couldn’t stop. Big meanie! I was having a dyslexic day today, and so I was saying what I was thinking instead of what I meant to say. It should have gone like this: “Thank you for calling (company)! This is Christine”. Instead I said “This won’t be Christine” because I was thinking to myself that I needed to tell the client “I won’t be on the conference call this afternoon” – so I almost said it, midway through my greeting. Oops!

Now I keep getting the “This won’t be…” jokes. Ha ha ha, gang. Just keep it up. I know your home phone numbers and I’ll give them to the PITA clients if you don’t watch it! (No, I wouldn’t really do that. I would just say “Dance Bitch! Dance!”)

I’m so glad I can amuse my co-workers…

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Hehe, when I worked at the pharmacy with some of my friends, we had all kinds of fun when we answered phones. We would try our hardest to make whoever was on the phone laugh – this led to some crazy stuff. It was great. 🙂

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