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I am sure there is some way to do this, but I have no idea how. If I had something that was part of a defined class in CSS, and I tell my style sheet to insert text in front of it? I other words, I have “items” on the sidebar. Right now on every sidebar they have “::” in front of them – but what if on one skin (and therefore one CSS file) I wanted “::” but on another I wanted “.:” or “-” or nothing at all? Can it be done?

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Not sure if this’ll help, but if you add the .class to the object, you can specify any of that particular object with that particular class to have one format. Then just change the class for the other format. So for paragraphs in the html, it’d read

and in the css, it’d be p.class {formatting}. And you can have multiple instances of the same object with just a different class name.

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