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D is Back! D is Back!

I’m simply giddy with glee to see that D has returned to Acerbia! Man, I need to call Mike to let him know in case he doesn’t already. I wonder how long it will be before they are plotting about mechanical cyborg squirrels that spy on people and things like that…

Now, thanks to D, I can learn all about how to be an Evil Genius. After today, my title of being “Pure Evil” just isn’t good enough. I need to be an “Evil Genius” fast!

On a separate but somehow related note (just don’t ask me how because I’m not sure), I am now the proud owner of Lord of The Rings – Two Towers on DVD. And while I know better, I am really tempted to stay up for 3 hours to watch it. I will resist, but only because I want to watch the first one again before I watch the second one – a little LoTR marathon!

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5 replies on “D is Back! D is Back!”

Argh no! You made the fatal mistake of buying the two-disc, didn’t you?! They’re going to bring out the four and five disc editions in a few months in time for Return of the King.

Those money-grabbing bastards… we hates them, yes, we does… we hates them that they makes us buy two copies of my preciousssss…

At least they let you know this time that they were planning to release seperate editions ahead of time. The Extended Edition that D referred to comes out on November 18th. Until then enjoy yours. Hey, that’s what eBay is for…

Not so much a fatal mistake – I did it last time too. (I knew that time that there would be two additions thanks to a complete LoTR fanatic at work.) Jason & I don’t want to wait until November for the huge set, so we get the small one now (the price of two movie tickets since it was only $14), and I will get the huge one when it comes out. I did the same thing with the first one. I need to see it NOW. I can’t wait until November!

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