Dactylogical Reading … and Friends

Thank you sooooo much to Loni for sending me the information on FuDaRe: Foundation for Fundamental Dactylogical Reading. Yes, Dactylogical Reading – or as the site says, Reading Toes. “READING TOES is a method used to obtain self-knowledge and to analyse personalities and behaviour patterns by interpreting the position and shape of toes.” Gee, I wonder what my tootsies say about me? Wow, you can even read toes abroad!

On a different note, I just finished watching tonight’s friends. I got to the very end part, you know – the 1 minute clip after the commercial? And Tivo’s clock is a little different than “real time” so it turned off before I could see what happened! I don’t know if I missed something important or not. Tonight’s episode was REALLY good though, a lot funnier than last week. (I didn’t care for the season premiere at all.) I will say though, if Monica continues to have her whiney-ass attitude, I am going to have to and kick some butt. (Which would take me 1 kick, considering how tiny she is!) “I’m no longer the bride. I will never be the bride again.” DAMN. Shut up woman, be happy you have a good man and stop complaining about everything!

If anyone can e-mail me and tell me what I missed in the last clip – I know who ran into each other on the street, but I don’t know anything past that point. Help…..

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Basically Tag and Ross exchanged compliments about the sweater, and then Tag says something like “Crazy about Rachel, huh?” and Ross is like “Yeah, she’s a crazy girl…” (duh!) and then Tag says “Do you know whose it is?” and Ross thinks he’s talking aout the sweater, so he goes “Some Italian guy- check your own tag.” Then AFTER that there’s a preview saying that next week Ross finds out it’s his baby, so it’s definitely his. They didn’t leave that mystery going for too long, huh?

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