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I’ve admitted it recently. I’m addicted to playing over at Blogshares. I pick my investments based on random things – how much they cost per share, how much I feel like spending, how much I’m willing to risk. Sometimes the site itself comes in to play – have I heard of it? Do I have some sense as to whether or not it will rise in value? I knew that Chris Pirillo at $3.86 was a great deal, and when I sold those shares for $13.45 a share, it was a nice warm fuzzy feeling. I don’t have cash to invest in the real stock market, so it’s fun to watch my portfolio there. I will soon be investing in gold-IRA, I heard it is a great way to start, so if you´re interested in investing your money, then start there.

(I moved this to the extended entry part – undedited – because the page was too long. Read on if you like…)

Then I read at Solonor’s site that there are people that have been harrassed for asking to be delisted from Blogshares. Now jumping off of the Blogshares ship seems to be the latest cool thing to do. I’m seeing posts all over about it.

Don’t get me wrong. If you want to be delisted, you should be allowed to be delisted. Seyed has said right on the front page of the site that he is working on this feature, and there are still bugs. It’s not the most eloquent of posts; I could see stuff in it when I read it yesterday that would ruffle people’s feathers. Some of the blogs I’ve invested in have been pulled and I received my funds back that I have invested in them. Blogshares as a whole is still in beta, and there have been kinks along the way to be worked out. I think Seyed is doing a kick-ass job of handling this by himself; it is more then I could ever do – and I think that goes for most of us.

But I’m NOT jumping on the “this is bullshit and I want to be delisted too” bandwagon. It doesn’t hurt me one bit to have my blog listed there, and even if I stopped playing tomorrow I would leave it alone. It’s a commodity that is being traded and nothing more from my point of view. I’m listed at the Blogging Ecosystem, the blog neighborhood thing, Daypop, Blogdex, etc. – this is nothing different.

The lesson I’ve learned time and time again this past year? I can’t make my choices based on what other people post on their blogs (or in the forums at Blogshares in this case.) That’s how the whole posse mentality gets started every time, and I feel bad for Seyed right now as he is getting attacked for something he has put a TON of hard work in to. No one likes getting attacked like that for something that the trolls have done…

Edited: Huge kudos to Eric Brooks for his Web Skirmishes 101 post today. My favorite line? “We’re ALL public figures – Don’t give this cop-out that you’re “just an average person”, while you bash another person like they’re a celebrity with no feelings. What you write can be seen anywhere on the planet.” You can’t have it one way and then do the opposite yourself. It’s just not cool.

Edited Again: If you think this post is about you, it’s not. My apologies if I gave anyone that impression. I didn’t have any one person in mind as I wrote it, I didn’t mean to label anyone or lump people in categories. I was just speaking out on the posse mentality I felt like I was seeing. Sorry if anyone thought I was pointing at them, I didn’t mean to. (Ok, I did link to Solonor, but that’s where I first read about all of this, and I figured you guys would be wondering what the heck I was talking about.) Opt out, it’s all cool to me. It is your right. I’m still wondering now what all is being done with my ping data and I wish someone would let me know…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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I don’t see myself as jumping on a bandwagon of anything, and quite frankly I’m insulted at the implication. I think anyone is allowed a “protest vote”, if you will. And I don’t want my name being a part of something that’s purposely caused others so much pain. Yes, others enjoy it to. And that’s their right. It’s also mine to walk away. And not be called out for it — or anyone else that’s asked to be removed for that matter — in such a public, flippant fashion. I ping period. I ping it for the purpose of blog-updating tools knowing when my site has updated. I do not ping it so other people can use my name in something I no longer condone. /end of soapbox

“I don’t want my name being a part of something that’s purposely caused others so much pain.” How did Seyed himself or Blogshares cause people pain? Everything I’ve read is that it is trolls from the forums doing it, not Seyed himself.

Sorry, but when I read post after post of “I’m quitting because this person told me about this issue” it looks like another posse forming to me. And I personally don’t feel Seyed deserves to be attacked – which is exactly what you propose in your own comments. “Yeah, I think a few hundred of us posting multi-“delist me” entries on that message board a day could get pretty tiring.” Yeah, it could. He’s working to delist the sites, is there any need to make his life hell? No.

Like I said, his post wasn’t eloquent. I can see the issues with it. It would have been smarter to say “I use to list sites, ask to be delisted and I will.” There are a TON of other services using too.

Yes, everyone has a right to take a stand and say that they don’t want to be listed. I also have a right to take a stand and say what I feel. I’ll stay listed, I’ll keep playing, and for me it’s still fun. I’m not joining the forum trolls and attacking people, but I’m also not joining the “down with Blogshares!” posse either.

It was fun until somebody got hurt. If that’s posse mentality, then I’m with Maria’s posse. I’d do the same (and more) for you.

I’m sorry about infringing on your enjoyment of the game. And I definitely don’t want you guys arguing about this!

But someone didn’t get hurt by the game itself. Everything I have read says that Maria was hurt by trolls. Unless I’m wrong – because I can’t see what was posted on Maria’s site, it’s down now.

If the trolls came to attack me, I would kick them in the shins and poke them in the eyes with sporks and then ignore them. It’s when friends attack me that it hurts much more…

I delisted because I thought it was unfair that someone was getting attacked and I could see it possibly getting worse. I think Seyed has done a great job with the game and I was having some fun with it and even planned on ‘upgrading’ my membership status, I just didnt want to be on it while people are getting harassed. I would leave any site if people I knew had that happen. Granted it wasnt Seyed himself and I no way blame him. Looking back on the past few hours maybe it was a knee jerk reaction on my part and I have since read some more posts and think the problems have been resolved.

But I guess thats too late, I’ve already lost my fortune. =[

Thanks Jay! See, THAT was my point … to stop and think before making a knee jerk reaction. I wasn’t trying to point out people and say that what they did was wrong – heck, every person that has asked to be delisted has their own reasons for wanting it and they all make sense to me.

Yep, the troll is the @ss here, not the game.

I’m sad to see a lot of people go because I enjoy making moola off them. 😉 Some of my favorite sites…

And I’m not a super-techie but couldn’t you just block the bot in your robots file if you wanted to be done with it? (not sure about that)

The ping issue is interesting, but I don’t really see it as any different from being listed on google. And you need to opt out of that if you don’t want to be listed, don’t you? Geez if you’re stuff is online what do you expect?


I agree Christine…

I’m surrounded my knee jerk reactions all day long and I guess they are wearing off on me. Usually I try to think things through a bit and get all the information. I’m so confused by all of this I dont know what to think. I think it was all easier when I didnt know any other bloggers.

Yeah, there are instructions on how to block the bot. But after thinking about it what is the big deal if your blog is listed and you dont want to play? so dont. All it will do is generate traffic to your site. And god knows I need all the help i can get!

Christine, darling, part of why you’re looking at Seyed as some kind of angel in this is because he deleted his post in the forms title “eric brooks is being removed because he is a racist”. The ensuing hooha wasn’t pretty, and sure, he can’t control the trolls, but he handled the situation in a way that created this mess. See my blog for some other comments I had on this today, not really related, except in that I think his attitude sucks.

I don’t really look at him as some sort of angel – I almost wrote him yesterday to tell him he needs a “PR Person” to read the stuff he posts on the index page of the site because he’s still at the point where he takes the game too personally himself sometimes. Had a long talk about this at a panel at SXSW – sometimes the project grows beyond you, larger than what you are. This has reached that point, and HE needs to learn to not take things so personally and lash out. Saying things like “I am offering an opt out to be nice” isn’t really the smartest choice of words. No, you should offer an opt-out because it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

The only thing I have to say about this is “Ugg”.

Actually, I have more to say on it, but it would be off topic. So I’ll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself.

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Blogshares pingorama, and owning a piece of Davezilla’s ass. Secretly it’s all Faith’s fault. (Anyway, it’s more fun to say that it is.)

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