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Do Your Duty…

It’s election day – did you do your duty and go out and vote? When you vote, do you vote straight party ticket or do you carefully select your candidates? Do you vote based on social issues? Taxes? Economy related items? What’s your trigger point? What makes you vote?

I don’t vote a straight party ticket – I vote based on who I feel will represent me the best when in office. However, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to that this year – I fell victim to the “my vote won’t matter much” scenario, which is a terrible thing. I know better. So I didn’t go to vote today. If I had gone to vote I would have done nothing more than picked names I liked or voted against people I know I don’t care too much for. That and I would have written in Jack Cluth for state governor.

I can not complain for at least the next two years. I didn’t go and vote today, so when we end up in a war that I can’t fully support thanks to the fact that my cousin and my ex-husband would be on the front lines, I can’t bitch and moan about it. I vote in the presidential elections, but these off years throw me. So I’ll try not to whimper too much when I’m unhappy with the Senate, Congress, and the Texas government, and I’ll be sure to vote in 2004.

So, what’s your story? Did you go and vote?

By Christine

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I voted. This year we are having a gubernatorial election, and the race is very close. I strongly dislike one candidate, and like the other one enough to vote for him, so I went out and did so.

I am registered as *unenrolled*, therefore, party lines mean nothing to me. I didn’t vote for Duhbya in 2000 (strike me dead if I did!), but I have voted for other Republicans. I did so this year. It just depends on who they are.

I will also go out of my way to vote against people I don’t like, even if they are running unopposed. For example, our Congressman was running unopposed. I dislike him for several reasons, the latest one being that I wrote to him asking for help to get my husband’s mail delivered to our house, and he didn’t do squat. Well, he did contact the post office that kept rejecting his mail as *undeliverable*, but nothing ever came of it. Therefore, Mike has to keep paying to keep his P.O. Box, even though he has been living here for five years, and we’ve been married for two of those!

So I wrote in *Mickey Mouse*. Yes. I really did it. And it was not the first time, either. It never does any good, but I feel better!

Hehe, I voted for Ben “Cooter” Jones for the House of Representatives … in case you don’t know, he’s the guy that played Cooter on the Dukes of Hazzard. He’s now a good ole boy in Virginia trying to be a politician at the same time. Even though I’m *kinda* a Republican and he’s a Democrat, I still felt like he deserved my vote – especially since the magazine I worked as editor for ran an article about him this spring. 🙂

I didn’t vote either. I was like you–didn’t pay attention to the campaigns, and didn’t feel right picking names at random. That, and the polls closed in my area before I could get there after work.

Ah well, I’ll make 2004.

Oh – I’m so glad I found someone who thought like me! Everyone else I know voted and I was feeling really bad… I just didn’t like any candidate and didn’t feel like making a straight-ticket vote but also didn’t feel informed enough to make good choices.

ste: Ben “Cooter” Jones is a cool guy. he was injured in civil rights protests back in the 60’s, he’s really a guy that stands behind his principles.

now. shall i choose this place to confess i forgot to send in that card? i meant to honest.

i should go confess on my blog. this is eating me up inside.

Yup I Voted…but we have early voting, I actually voted last Friday.
I did vote a straigt ticket since I blame Shrub for the economy, the lack of a solid environment agenda, the economy, Shrub being pro-life, the economy, anti-gun control, the economy, Shrub’s pro-business stances (Enron, Worldcom, Tyco… hello?),Did I mention the economy?

Now that he does have control of both houses of congress, I’ll be digging out the good old Y2k kit. Cover your heads kids, cover your heads.

Yep, I voted. It was only (I think) the second time I have voted in my life, so I was happy to be working on that whole civic duty thing. 🙂

No straight ticket, though. 🙂 I was all over the map: GOP, Dems, Green, Libertarian.

I’m a card carrying Republican, but there have been times I’ve voted against my party. I did vote for both Republican candidates yesterday. I was most happy that the .5 cent tax for transportation improvements in Virginia failed. Northern VA would never have seen that tax money, Richmond keeps it all!

Complain. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t vote. The whole reason this country exists is so that you, Christine, can complain. It’s called freedom of speech.

I think the fact that so many people DON’T vote is a vote in and of itself.

Rock the vote. Don’t vote. 🙂

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