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Down for the Count…

Fired up the laptop last night so I could check my e-mail and things like that. I was able to download my e-mail, but from there I wasn’t going anywhere. My WiFi card can’t see the network. Aaauuughhh! Reboot? Nope, that didn’t fix it either. Maybe if I kick the router and the cable modem? Nope. The laptop recognizes that the card is there – but it can’t see the router or the Internet at all. So I decided to buy a new wireless router, I did some research and found best wireless router reviews 2018 – buyer’s guide, they lay out all the pros and cons for me to pick the right one for my needs. Tested all sorts of things – and the router definitely works (the perk of having a guest with a wireless laptop that could test things for me.)

So, anyone know where I can buy a new card that’s reliable but inexpensive? I prefer to go to a store instead of ordering online – I don’t want to wait for shipping. Any brands out there that I should avoid? Any horror stories I should know about?

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I was watching the Screen Savers on Monday, and Leo & Pat were doing the segment on the weekend sales flyers (I can’t remember the name of the segment). Anyway, it looked like Best Buy had a deal for $59.99 out the door on a card – I think it was a D-Link. They said that the going rate for WiFi cards seems to be in that $59-$79 range. I have no recemmendation, as my Access Point went down, and haven’t used WiFi in a while.

Linksys or Netgear have worked great for me! Honestly, just about any card SHOULD do the trick. Check Best Buy and Fry’s (if there are any in Texas), they tend to have the best everday prices.

Even when we shop around, Best Buy almost always has the best deals for purchasing in a store. (E can find obscure deals online, but I hate dealing with that!!!). So I’m a big huge Best Buy fan :giggle: I tease E that a huge percentage of our take home wages could just be signed right over to Best Buy when we get the check, and it would work out fine 😉

They’re all priced the same (except for that D-Link deal Leo and Pat saw). I have bought two LinkSys cards, and they work great…once I got them going…but they’ve been a royal BITCH to get to work in the first place. Probably just me (and XP).

i’m just still shocked that the “kick the router and cable modem” tactic didn’t work….what are computers good for, if you can’t kick them around?


i have no sage advice, heck i have no advice, sage or not.

I may be a little late, but I love the Orinoco gold wireless card. It’s about $70 online, but I’ve never had any problems with it (and I can be quite abusive to laptops).

Good luck!

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