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Does a Headset Help?

For many years I’ve wondered if talking on a cell phone really could cause cancer, and it seems now that scientists have found the first evidence of a link with brain cancer. “The study found that spending more than an hour a day on the phone increased the risk of a type of tumour known as acoustic neuroma by 30 per cent.” What the article doesn’t address is whether or not using a headset instead will help reduce the risks – but it doesn’t matter, I love using mine. [via Lockergnome]

By the way – to the jack monkey on the road this morning in Houston – driving a big-ass pickup truck, smoking a cigarette with one hand and holding a cell phone up to your head with the other – get a headset! The cell phone isn’t just dangerous because of the cancer risk, it’s dangerous because one of these days someone’s going to beat you with that phone and the cram it where the sun doesn’t shine…

Speaking of sunshine – it’s a gorgeous day outside. I took photos and if I ever stop long enough to upload them, I’ll share.

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8 replies on “Does a Headset Help?”

Ooh that’s scary. I know I have a hard time just even driving when my phone rings, I wouldn’t want to add smoking to it. Yeah, he should get a headset. You’d think truckers would be all over driving conveniences.

I heard of it a long time ago. So I bought a regular phone with a real, very very, long cord. And as far as when I am out of the house, I dn’t need to talk to people that bad!

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