Don’t Believe a Word She Says…

Warning: If you are way behind on Sex and the City, there is a spoiler of sorts in my post. (No finale episode spoilers in my post though.) I’ll warn you when I come to it, so you can read the rest of the post without reading that part. Also, no guarantee that my comments will be spoiler free, so proceed with caution.

I have now finally seen the last two episodes of Sex and The City. Thanks to Emily, who called earlier in the day, in need of friends to join in her celebration of the demise of Preggers, the ultimate co-worker from hell. Emily took pity on those of us that don’t have a ton of money to fling around at bartenders, and offered up her uber-comfy sofa and some SATC time, done with style instead.

She had cosmos, of course – that’s what the girls drink on the show. However, I can’t stand vodka – so she hooked me up with a delicious margarita. Mmmmm… Natalie arrived a little bit after I did, and she bravely tried the cosmo, but it just wasn’t happening for her either. She switched over to the keg and was a happy gal. Comfy on the couch, we bid the SATC gals farewell, adding in our own snarky comments – “She looks like Minnie Mouse!” and “There is the requisite ‘What the Hell is Carrie Wearing?!?’ outfit!” – which made the show even better.

Afterwards there was discussion about Emily going on my honeymoon with me, books, music, blog fans vs. blog stalkers, nude boobie photos, nude manfruit photos, naked man, and the upcoming soap line to complement what Sudsalicious already offers. Well, not in that order. And yes, I did talk about wedding stuff, but I had some venting to do – bridezilla moment and all that. I think girlie time was just what we all needed.

Natalie and I left way too late, but happier than we were when the evening started. For the record, Natalie really needs to get out of my head – there were at least three times that I can recall where we said the exact same thing at the exact same moment. Scary, but in that good way.

The profound question of the night? (This is the part I warned you about. Stop reading if you are a season or two behind and you don’t want any spoilers. Stop now.)

Here it goes:

Miranda Hobbs and Steve Brady had a baby a few seasons ago. They weren’t getting married, she was giving the baby her last name – so they named the baby “Brady”. Now they are married – so what’s the kid’s name? Is he now Brady Brady? Is he still Brady Hobbs? You know Steve would want his kid to have his last name, so I’m sure he would want it changed, but it would be stupid name. What do you think they did about his name?

Speaking of names, don’t call me Chris. Ever. My kindergarten teacher scarred me enough by making me change my name to Chris when I was not even 5 years old; I switched back to Christine when I was 15. It’s Christine. Not Chris. Do not call me Chris…

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I was wondering the same thing about the baby’s name… Also, my name is Kathleen… do NOT call me Kathy! I no longer feel the need to hide the bodies… I want people to know I mean business. The now acceptable nickname is “K”…..

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